Dating of domestic china ceramics

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Unlike domestic Chinese ceramics recovered from late-nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century archaeological sites in North America, very little has been published on contemporary Japanese wares.

Archaeologists, art historians, and collectors generally write about earlier periods in Japanese ceramic history; most of the remainder focus on folk pottery, export wares, and museum-quality pieces.

Arita was the focal point of porcelain production until the early nineteenth century, when it spread to other parts of the country with suitable clay deposits, each potting center lending its name to particular wares.Decorations based on Chinese literary sources are usually extremely difficult to trace to their origin.The earliest (linked V-shapes) and a key-fret pattern, the shoulder motifs being reminiscent of those seen on contemporary bronze vessels.The dating for prehistoric culture in China is still very uncertain, but this material is probably at least 7,000 or 8,000 years old. They are decorated, generally on the upper half only, with a rich variety of geometric designs, whorls, volutes, and sawtooth patterns executed in black and red pigment with sweeping, rhythmic brushwork that foreshadows the free brush painting of historical periods.Some of the pottery from the village ), discovered in 1953 near Xi’an in Shaanxi, have schematized fish, bird, deer, and plant designs, which are related thematically to hunting and gathering, and what may be a human face or mask.

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