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An incubus is a Lilin-demon in male form who, according to mythological and legendary traditions, lies upon women in order to engage in sexual activity with them. Salacious tales of incubi and succubi have been told for many centuries in traditional societies.

Some traditions hold that repeated sexual activity with an incubus or succubus may result in the deterioration of health, mental state, or even death.

Manchmal geht's um diese eine weise Person, die uns immer guten Rat gibt.

Manchmal um diese wahnsinnige Frau, die auf der Tanzfläche unaufhaltsam ist.

All of the brightest events in my life, I diligently wrote down in my diary.

And what could be brighter than the effervescent and irrepressible fuck!?

Debate about the demons began early in the Christian tradition. Augustine touched on the topic in De Civitate Dei ("The City of God").Written later but described as happening before the Sumerian King List was completed is the mention of the Nephilim: Christian tradition attributes the completion of the Biblical book of Genesis to the time of the 16th century BC.Incubi were thought to be demons who had sexual relations with women, sometimes producing a child by the woman.(Not to be confused with the band of the same name.Or the Esperanto language horror movie.) However, modern fiction writers don't want to use them like that, so typically, the baseline rules are: Incubi and Succubi are almost always treated as a species or type of demons. In some legends, Satan Himself changed shape to be both incubus and succubus.

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