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Hilary duff dating good charlotte

WATCH: 7 of Hollywood's Friendliest Divorces "It was so all encompassing. "If someone chooses to not live a traditional lifestyle, obviously I don't care whatsoever.

But some of my choices are more like, 'I got married. I do think there's a sweetness to all of that." That sweetness has not soured for Duff, even though she and Comrie split earlier this year.

"I wasn't shamed because I got a divorce," she said.

"I think that I was in a very successful marriage for a long time ...

John Feldmann is an American musician, songwriter, record producer and A&R man.

So Pete Townsend was my gateway into punk rock, and that’s when I started actually playing music.

I was probably around 12 years old when I started playing bass guitar, and one of the first songs I learned was **Who inspired you to form your own band?

**“Initially, I got into the British explosion of punk rock with bands like the Sex Pistols, Buzzcocks and The Clash.

"But marriage is sacred and marriage is not for everyone." These days, Duff is seeing personal trainer Jason Walsh, though she is not necessarily looking for any more trips down the aisle.

WATCH: Hilary Duff Spotted Kissing Ex-Husband Mike Comrie "I don't feel the need to get married again," she admitted. I guess if it mattered to someone else that much, I would consider it." But for now, Duff and Walsh are just taking it day by day and having fun.

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In short, he’s played a major role in shaping the sound of modern day rock music.